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SWFC CP The 'Wednesday' Walk on Thursdays!

Latest Update
Unless the Covid situation changes (again), we will be walking every Thursday;
Meet on the bridge (or just inside reception) at SWFC at 12:30.

In line with Government guidelines, you should wear a face covering inside the Stadium and on the minibus.

Don't forget, you can see all our walk lists (with maps and directions) on our walks page.

The Wednesday Walk on Thursdays is a health walk which is designed to complement the 'Fit Fans' programme run by SWFC CP. We provide an opportunity for those people who want to get fit but do not think they can manage a full 'fit fans' training regime, or who are too challenged by Fit Fans and want to back off a bit.

Sheffield Wednesday Football Club Community Programme work with a team of volunteers to develop and lead these walks, which can be a bit more challenging than your average health walk - in fact, that is the idea. Whatever your level of fitness, we aim to push you (just a bit, and not every week), so you feel fitter. Don't worry though, if you are starting from a very low point, we will tailor the walk to your requirements. If you can only manage 20 minutes, we will give you a 21 minute walk (push you, but just a little!)

We have access to the SWFCCP mini bus, which means that walks are not restricted to the immediate vicinity of the stadium. Most weeks we use the bus to take walkers to walking opportunities further afield.

We meet on the bridge outside SWFC South Stand Reception every Thursday for 12:30 (or just inside if it is cold or wet) and we return for tea and coffee by about 14:45 - you are welcome to join us for the walk or just turn up for the refreshments and a natter afterwards.

Please note, if we do not have the bus for any reason, we may need to change the route at the last minute. See our list of Stadium walks for details of our local walks.

You can see a list of all the walks we have done so far, along with maps, etc on our walk log page.

The first SWFC walk took place in October 2018.

These pictures were taken in the Rivelin valley one glorious day in November 2018


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