Step out at SWFC
SWFC CP The 'Wednesday' Walk on Thursdays

Stadium and Short Walks

We usually get away from the stadium for our walk, but if there are too many walkers or if we do not have the transport, we may do a 'stadium' walk instead.
We may also use these walks for our less fit walkers as they are usually shorter or flatter.
Most walks have a map and description, which you can download as a PDF or a MS Word docx file.

Walk Location Length Download
1 Morrisons / Hillfoot up to 3 miles, flat, roads pdf
. Our first ever walk, designed to find out if people can really walk 3 miles. Easy going and at least 5 shortcuts (or you can extend it if you want!)
2 Owlerton and Shirecliffe 2.5 miles hilly steps pdf
. There are a number of ways of getting to the 'blue bridge' at Owlerton, and the walk there and back (using any of these routes) is enough for a short, flat walk.
Once you get into the cemetry the climb starts, initially on a good path, then up rough steps and finally besides a steep drop - but the views from the top are fantastic. Return via Shirecliffe, Cookson Park or Scraith Wood - or straight down Herres Road
4 Oxspring 2.2 to 2.5 miles, hilly, no mud pdf
. In the same direction as Shirecliffe, the fishing pond at Oxspring and the walks round it and back past Hallam FM can be extended up into Shirecliffe or round Cookson Park. Mainly on roads and pavements, this is a good wet weather walk.
8 Clay Wheels Lane 2.5 miles pdf
. Heading North, go along Clay Wheels Lane, up Limestone Cottages Lane and then head back through the wood and across the fields to Penistone Road. Steep hill, rough, steep footpath and muddy fields.
11 The two sides of Middlewood 2.8 miles pdf
. The other side of the river to Clay Wheels Lane, this walk visits the river bank then heads up into Middlewood to visit the church. Hilly, possibly a bit of mud but mainly road / tarmac.
16 Club Mill Road 2.5 miles pdf
. Very muddy and very steep, slippery slopes.
You climb the slopes before you find out how muddy it is, then have to slither back down - so if in doubt, go the other way round!
16a Club Mill Road anticlockwise 2.5 miles pdf
. The same walk, reversed. If it's not a drought, go anti-clockwise and be prepared to turn back, as the top is VERY muddy and steep downhill
20 Parson Cross (almost) and the Binsteds 2.6 miles pdf
35 Foxhill and Meynell 2.8 miles pdf
31 Morley Street Allotments 2.7 miles pdf
33 Spider Park (Middlewood) 2.5 miles pdf
46 Wadsley Top 2.6 miles pdf
79 Middlewood from the stadium 2.9 miles pdf


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