Step out at SWFC
SWFC CP The 'Wednesday' Walk on Thursdays!

The Wednesday Walk on Thursdays is a health walk which was previously hosted by Step Out Sheffield, but we found theor definition of a health walk to be too restrictive

The original team of volunteer walk leaders now work with Sheffield Wednesday Football Club Community Programme to develop and lead these walks, which can be a bit more challenging than your average health walk - in fact, that is the idea. Whatever your level of fitness, we aim to push you (just a bit, and not every week), so you feel fitter.

All the material related to this walk which was previously on is now hosted on here. If you came here via a link on Facebook or another site then Welcome, you will find whatever you were looking for here.

If you are looking for a specific walk, please bear with us - we are going to put an index of all our walks here soon, but at present you can see a list of our walks in date order for 2018 - 2019 here, or for 2019 to date here.


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