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Rivelin Walks

If you want a walk in a specific area, this page lists all our walks in the Rivelin area.

Walk Location Length Download
3 Rivelin Valley East 2.2 miles Roads and Riverside, flat with a couple of steep slopes pdf
. Our first walk away from the Stadium, designed to make sure it would work. Easy going except a steep uphill and a steep downhill at the end.

18 Rivelin West End 2.3 miles hilly, footpaths and stiles pdf
. We cross the river on two different footbridges but never walk beside it -
a steady climb up a track, a steep drop down the fields (with stiles) then repeat.

29 Rivelin and Bole Hill 1.7 miles Hilly, mainly roads and good paths pdf
. Most of this walk is spent climbing to Bolehill Park - the view is stupendous -
The descent is short and steep!

67 Den Bank 2.2 miles pdf
. This walk starts and ends by crossing the Rivelin, but in between it climbs the South side of the valley to Den Bank. Steep hill, rough, steep footpath and muddy fields.

76 Rivelin (West end) 2.3 miles pdf
. The 'wrong' side of the river, a couple of steep bits and a step across a stream (OK in November...)

77 Lower Rivelin Valley 2.2 miles plus pdf
. Carrying on down the river, but venturing up the South side of the valley a bit.

78 Bole Hill and Malin Bridge 2.6 miles pdf
. Another climb up to Bolehill - except this time we start nearer the top and drop down to Malin Bridge then walk along beside the Rivelin before heading back up hill.


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