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Concord and Wincobank Walks

This page lists all our walks round Concord, Wooley Woods, Wincobank and as far as Firth Park.

Walk Location Length Download

6 Concord Park 2.0 miles pdf
. A walk round the golf course and back through Concord Park Fairly easy except for one steep (slippy) downhill bit.
13 Brick Works Orchard 2.5 miles pdf
. A fairly flat, easy walk, mainly round the roads and park areas.
43 Concord Park 2.6 miles pdf
. A walk mainly round the park, just dipping into Wooley Wood and back.
82 Concord and Wooley Wood 2.7 miles pdf
. From Concord carpark, past the cemetery and in at the bottom of Wooley Wood, then right through the wood and back through the park.

27 Wincobank Fort from Firth Park 2.4 miles pdf
. Starting in Firth Park, we walk to the top of Wincobank Fort (and back).
49 Wincobank and Roman Ridge 2.7 miles pdf
. A walk along the bottom of Wincobank and Roman Ridge, then back over the top!
62 High Wincobank 2.7 miles pdf
. A walk from Concord round Low and High Wincobank, just and so reaching the fort. This walk was planned but cancelled due to Covid, so has not been verified.
83 Concord to Wincobank 2.8 miles pdf
. From Concord to the Southern end of Wincobank Woods, over the top and bacl round the bottom.


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